First Impressions


First Impressions

When you do land the perfect job here are some tips to create the best first impression in your new role:

Arrive on time, even better, early 

It’s a good habit to get into from the outset and will ensure you’re ready and fully prepared for the day ahead.

Positive mental attitude

Always be positive, even if you’re not always feeling it. It will rub off on colleagues and ensure you’re seen as an optimistic, upbeat problem solver.

Dress appropriately

It’s important to dress like you mean business. Observe the dress styles of your new colleagues to get an idea of what is appropriate in your new work environment.

Get to know your colleagues, remember names!

Taking time to get to know your new colleagues will help you to feel comfortable in your new role and settle in quickly. Introduce yourself and ask them about themselves and, importantly, remember their names! Even if it means jotting them down initially.

Be friendly and professional 

This will take you a long way and will make your colleagues more willing to help you out when you need it.

Be organised and proactive

During your first days in your new role listen carefully to everything you’re told and take notes. If you’re unsure, ask and be organised from the word go to ensure you stay on top of your workload.

Avoid office politics and gossip 

While it is important to be friendly and engage with your new colleagues, avoid gossip and office politics, no matter how tempting it can be to join in. You start a new role with a clean slate and you want to keep it that way rather than clouding your initial impressions of the firm and the people you’re working with.

Ask questions and ask for help

If you’re unsure of something ask for help as people will expect this from a new colleague. As processes and procedures are being explained, ask questions to deepen your understanding and knowledge.

Show appreciation

When colleagues do take time out of their busy schedule to show you the ropes and help you out, show your appreciation.

Show commitment

Don’t be a clock watcher and do volunteer for tasks over and above your role to show your enthusiasm and commitment to your employer.

Be quick to observe and slow to judge

Spend your first weeks observing how your colleagues approach their work. You will learn a lot and showing humility rather than judging people will stand you in good stead. Making mistakes is inevitable but turn them into positives by learning from them.

Participate in social events

This shows willing and that you’re keen to get to know your colleagues. You can learn a lot about the culture of the company in a more informal setting and it also helps to boost team building.