Why Jobseekers Choose Us


Why Candidates Choose Us

Thornton Legal is an award-winning legal recruiter, working with clients across the North from our offices in Liverpool and Leeds. 

We think we do a really good job for our candidates, but we always strive to be better. You only have to look at the large number of testimonials, our values and credentials to see that.

From time to time we are asked why a job seeker should enlist the services of a recruiter to help them find a new job. Here are some of the sensible reasons to consider using a recruitment consultant to handle your job search:

Access to Hidden Markets

At Thornton Legal we invest a lot of time developing and maintaining relationships with law firms and networking. We have the ear of Partners and HR Managers and are aware of opportunities that either aren’t being advertised or are being recruited for exclusively by one or two trusted recruiters.

Expert Knowledge

It’s always best to use a recruiter that specialises in a particular sector, in our case legal private practice across the North. We have expert industry knowledge, giving you the best possible chance of a successful job search. We know who is recruiting, at what level and have detailed information about a role/firm that may not be obvious from a website. A good recruiter will have met the hiring client so we will be able to share information that others won’t have access to that will go a long way in a successful interview process.

Often a recruiter will be engaged by law firms to recruit for them on an exclusive basis, meaning they are handling opportunities not on the open market.

We can help with CV drafting, ensure CV’s are tailored to individual roles, provide helpful interview preparation and deal with post interview feedback in a constructive way.

In addition, we can often help create an opportunity at a firm that otherwise would not have been possible without selling your skills and experience to the right decision maker. Law firms can be passive recruiters, often they don’t realise they need to recruit until the right CV is put in front of them from a trusted source. Sometimes they must be persuaded that they need to recruit. It happens all the time.

Salary Negotiation

Negotiating your own salary directly with a prospective employer can cause all manner of problems if done badly.

Salary negotiation is best left to somebody who is experienced in handling it in a sensitive and effective way. Offers can sometimes be much lower than expected and on occasions asking for too much can alienate the other party and result in a fatal breakdown in negotiations. We can demonstrate a high success rate of offers being accepted as this shows strong negotiation ability.

It’s important to remember that it is in our best interests to know the salary range available, to gauge what a candidate is worth and make sure they get the best salary possible.


If a candidate is already in employment, there are numerous reasons why they may wish to remain anonymous whilst they find a suitable job to apply for. We absolutely understand the importance of confidentiality and ensure that enquiries are being made on a no names basis to identify suitability prior to making a formal approach. 

We can ensure that approaches are made in confidence to firms, allowing candidates the peace of mind that their applications are dealt with securely and sensitively.

Career Guidance

We have the experience to offer candidates a fresh perspective, giving valuable insight into career progression tactics, salary expectations, retrain opportunities or general advice on the job market. Many candidates benefit from being presented with job opportunities that they would not have considered without the benefit of our input and advice. 

Time Savings

Identifying and pursuing the right job opportunities is often a time consuming and frustrating process for candidates. Scouring the internet for jobs, making multiple applications for roles and chasing up feedback, often in the evenings, can take up valuable time best spent doing other things.

Taking everything into account, it’s important to choose a recruiter that specialises exclusively in the legal market with a proven track record of success and a good reputation in the industry.

For a confidential discussion and to see how we can help your legal career, contact Thornton Legal on 0151 305 5757 / 0113 323 0777 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.