Employees Quit Bosses, Not Jobs

At Thornton Legal we really appreciate the teams hard work and we recognise it as much as we can from late starts and early finishes through to team lunches and various incentive. We’re not perfect buy we do try, and we think we have learnt what works and what doesn’t from speaking to hundreds of candidates over the years.

While there is rarely just a single reason for a valued employee leaving a company, bad management is often an overriding factor. As the saying goes… ‘’people quit bosses, not jobs’’.

According to a study by Gallup, one in two people admitted to having left a job to get away from a bad manager. But what makes you a ‘bad manager?’

  • No trust

If you don’t trust your employees, why hire them in the first place? (Obviously if your employee betrays your trust… but that’s a different story)

A manager who struggles with trusting their employees ends up creating a hostile working environment which leaves the employee feeling stressed and unmotivated to perform their best work, especially if they feel their every move is being monitored. 

An employee does not want to work in an environment where they’re not trusted by their manager, it creates a negative culture. 

  • Not being appreciated

For an employee there is nothing worse than consistently going above and beyond what is required for it to only go unrecognised. You can show appreciation to your staff in many ways but a simple thank you is often all it takes. 

  • One rule for you, another for your employee

Employees get it, you’re the manager, you can do what you like… but it doesn’t create a positive working environment if it is ‘one rule for you, another rule for your employees’. Your employees will eventually become fed up of them not having the flexibility they need, whereas you are swanning off as and needs be.

Unsurprisingly, managers have the greatest impact on employee engagement. Gallup’s research also identified that great managers possess a combination of five talents:

  • Motivate their employees
  • Assert themselves to overcome obstacles
  • Create a culture of accountability
  • Build trusting relationships
  • Make informed, unbiased decisions for the good of their team and company

Managers who do these tasks well create a positive working environment that motivates their employees to perform at their best. Whereas managers who struggle to do any of the above five points end up pushing good employees towards the exit door!

Despite the salary or amazing benefits you offer, you can’t buy engagement or loyalty. If an employee is not valued, trusted or recognised then they move on. You need to create a positive culture, build loyalty, and do everything you promised in their interview.

If you are reading this thinking is this me? Then it probably is. Luckily it’s not too late to make a change. Get in touch and let’s find you your next legal role.

We look forward to hearing from you. 

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