Are you ready to start your job search?

Before you start looking for a new job, you need to be 100% committed to the process and be clear about what you want from your next role.

Job hunting while you’re still employed isn’t the easiest of tasks, you will get home from a long day in the office or end the day working from home and sometimes the last thing you will want to do is spend the evening focusing looking for jobs and doing interview preparation.

It requires commitment to speak to recruiters and direct employers before and after work, and to take time out of your day to attend interviews, whether virtual or in person.

If you put yourself forward for a role then you must be serious about your search, so you do not waste the time of your recruitment consultant, the employer or your own.

Sometimes it can feel like a job in itself!

There are a host of reasons why you might be wanting to move, and your recruiter needs to understand your situation to sell you in the best light possible and to secure you an interview at a firm/job that fits your criteria.  

If you don’t take some time to reflect on what you want and how to get there, you may end up taking your job search in the wrong direction.

Before applying for a job, ask yourself these questions:

Why am I looking to leave my current employer?

You will more than likely be asked this question during an interview, so you need to think carefully about why you want to leave. Maybe you think there is no progression opportunities, your firm is behind the times when it comes to home working, you’ve reached the limit of what you can learn, you feel under-valued, bored, or you don’t like the work-life culture.

Is it better to have a conversation with your current manager repair any of your current issues so you don’t have to leave?

Do I know what I am looking for?

Change of sector, specific workload, progression opportunity, increased salary, work-life balance, flexibility to work in the office and at home, specific benefits or the type of work environment? There are many reasons you might be considering a job move but you need to know what they are, so your recruitment consultant better understands your needs and puts you forward for the most appropriate roles and firms.

How far am I willing to commute?

Don’t forget to consider any additional commuting costs – petrol, parking, train travel, even extra child-care time? Don’t underestimate the impact a long journey can have on your working day and your home life. If you don’t want a lengthy journey, look for a role closer to home and express this to your recruiter.

Alternatively, if you are prepared to commute for part of the week but not all of it ask your recruiter to explore flexible working arrangements with firms. Many employers have now moved to a more hybrid model with part of the week in the office and part at home or flexibility with hours worked. Let your recruiter know if this would work best for you.

Am I committed to taking time to attend an interview and to do the required pre interview preparation?

One of the positive changes to the world of work post pandemic is the that virtual interviews are here to stay so the days of always having to take half a day’s annual leave or rushing to an interview after work are behind us. Having said that, face to face interviews will still happen, so you still need to be committed to your job search.

Again, finding some time for pre interview preparation now easier with hybrid working being common practice, but the commitment is still required from your side.

What do I enjoy most about my current role?

Maybe it is your relationship with your colleagues, flexible working or the office culture. Bear these things in mind when considering what you want in your next role.

If your reason for wanting to leave is based on issues that can be resolved, you are best speaking to your manager first to try and sort them out. This can save time for you, the recruiter and the client particularly if you end up accepting the counter-offer.

Of course it is ok to change your mind throughout the process, but make sure you let your recruiter know as soon as possible.

If you have given due consideration to these questions and you still feel a change is the right option, then get in touch with Thornton Legal. We recruit Legal Assistants through to Senior Solicitors with roles available in all areas of Private Practice, from Commercial Disciplines to Private Client, Personal Injury, Family and everything in between.