A constant topic of conversation of ours is how and where to spend our advertising and on-line marketing budget. Nick and I have always been happy invest back into Thornton Legal but, like any business, we need to be financial prudent and ensure a return on our investment.

Do we do what many recruiters have done and go big on the website with pay per click advertising and paid for SEO?

Are we happy to splash the cash on taking a big allocation of job ads on sites such as the Law Gazette, Simply Law or Totally Legal? 

How much time, effort and money should we spend on our social media presence?

Should we spend big for quick wins or grow our online presence organically with good website content, and interesting and engaging social media?

We are mindful that job boards work sometimes, that job ads work sometimes, that Linkedin works sometimes. These standard recruitment tools for finding new candidates are great if used in moderation but the fear was that we were falling into the trap of many other recruiters in being overly reliant on them and that they could be perceived as an old fashioned, slightly impersonal, arm’s length ways of candidate generation.

When we started Thornton Legal over 6 years ago, we made the decision not to go down the paid for PPC and SEO route to see we could improve our on-line presence organically….it seems to be working!

We’ve had several calls from people recently who have found us via a google search, usually with us being in the top 3 on page 1 which is makes us really happy!  

We’ve also worked hard on our Linkedin presence and our social media generally, particularly Twitter and Instagram which we get lots of nice comments about.

But having a strong on-line presence isn’t the most important thing to us. By far the best way to speak with new and interesting candidates is by speaking more to existing candidates! They are the people with the wealth of information, the lawyer friends, the work colleagues; many of whom wanted a bit of career advice, market knowledge or insight into jobs or salaries.

We like talking to people, not by email but over the telephone or in person. It’s the best way of building trust and developing relationships. By and large the people we speak to daily like what we have to say. We give them open and honest advice. If we can’t help them, we can sometime steer them in the right direction. We think we are pretty good at what we do.

The fact that a significant proportion of our business comes directly from recommendations and referrals not only from candidates makes us happy. We got to thinking that some of the money we could spend on advertising could be better spent incentivising and rewarding existing candidates who recommend us to other people!

That’s why we have put in place what we consider to be one of the best referral schemes in the business! If you recommend us to a candidate or pass to us a candidate’s details and we end up placing that person into a law firm, we will honour stand by what the website says. We would rather people we already have a relationship with were rewarded for their efforts than spending our marketing budget on yet another pay per click or advertising campaign. Click on our “refer a friend link” for more details. In fact, give us a call for a chat! We’d prefer it!

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