Thornton Legal meets - Jeremy Orrell

SAS Daniels has been a key client of Thornton Legal's since our first few months of trading back in January 2016, with several lawyers placed in their fours offices - Stockport, Macclesfield, Congleton and Chester. 

In what has been a very busy few months, thanks to their CEO and Head of Corporate, Jeremy Orrell, for taking the time to contribute to our new Q&A series. 

Click here for his website profile and here for his Linkedin profile. 

  • Tell us a about your background, and your role at SAS Daniels?

My background is as corporate finance lawyer who has led over 1000 corporate deals in my 38 years as a corporate lawyer. I am recognised as a Leading Individual in Legal 500. I have applied that knowledge and experience in firm management in my role as the firm’s CEO.

  • How’s business?

Buoyant. Business has bounced back after a difficult few months, and we are now beating pre Pandemic fess and KPI’s.

  • What has the last 12 months taught you?

The need for relentless attention to the needs of the business and to address performance and systemic issues which have not been entirely apparent. A regular revisiting of the status quo and challenging norms are key to taking the business forward. Quick decision making is vital.

  • What is the outlook for the next 12 months?

We are very positive and expect to see a significant rebound in the economy as the Lockdown is relaxed. There are unprecedented personal savings estimated to be an extra £192bn which have accumulated during the last 12 months which should fuel a consumer led recovery in uncertain times. Households expect to spend more that £50bn of their Lockdown savings in 2021. Meanwhile, corporate liquidity has hit record levels and companies are now holding more cash than at any time since records began. In due course some of this will be invested in new ventures. The spending of surplus cash by both businesses and by the consumer will stimulate the demand for legal services.

  • How does SAS Daniels stand out from the crowd?

There are few firms that provide city centre level expertise from outside the main city centres. We provide that. Our geographical reach, with 4 offices located in Cheshire and Greater Manchester,  ensure that we are well placed to provide that level of expertise for clients based in those areas.

  • What working practice changes will continue post pandemic?

There will be more WFH but we believe strongly that working in an office is critical for team working , mentoring , proactivity , creativity , mental wellbeing , and personal and firm growth.

  • What opportunities can you see?

We believe that there is a significant opportunity to benefit from the anticipated increased demand for legal services.

  • Recruiting is a challenge for all law firms, why should someone choose SAS Daniels?

We are a firm with a strong ethos where we want to see everyone reach their full potential. Career development is at the heart of our business and key to our continued success.  

  • What do you know now that you wish you knew at the start of your career?

That law is a business and firms should be run as a business. Opportunities were missed by many firms but I think that all well run firms understand that they need to provide high level expertise delivered at a competitive price with excellent service delivery.